Our Mission
-FAIR – CONSCIOUS – SUSTAINABLE - These three values have motivated us as a Fair Fashion Label since 2013. Our mission is to create Eco Outdoorwear that stands out through its timeless look, sustainable materials and maximum functionality. Furthermore, we have been committed to ensuring fair manufacturing conditions, minimizing our ecological footprint and creating high-quality products since day 1-

The Brand
LangerChen is demonstrative proof that “Made in China” fashion need not be synonymous with mass-produced wares stemming from poor working conditions. In fact, LangerChen has been dedicated to reaching its goal of establishing an environmentally friendly and a fair textile production facility in China. In 2009, Miranda Chen and Philipp Langer took the first step towards realizing this goal founding the Jiecco textile plant just outside of Shanghai. Their passion for fashion and expertise in creating materials is the common thread on which the pair founded LangerChen five years later. Now, at the Jiecco facility, the entire LangerChen collection is produced—from materials to the finished garment. The GOTS-certified facility has been specialized in the production of sustainably produced fashion since its founding and is a leader in fair manufacturing practices and good working conditions in China. Roughly 100 employees work on the sustainable collections, for which they receive fair pay, enjoy good working conditions and a familiar company climate. The Jiecco facility now also produces articles for other large, eco manufacturers like Lanius and Armedangels.


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  • Langer Chen || CLASSIC coat II: monk
    Langer Chen || CLASSIC coat II: monk

    Product Info

    Classical wool coat with down-to-earth fit.

    ∙ classical single breast, stripped down to the essentials

    ∙ concealed snap buttons

    ∙ hidden pockets

    ∙ closeable inside pocket

    ∙ ventilation eyelets under…

    € 298,00
  • LangerChen || Risana coat: meditation
    LangerChen || Risana coat: meditation

    Een minimalistische City-Parka met koper details en met een capuchon. De hoge kraag is heerlijk in de wind en regen. De tweezijdige rits is afgestemd in dezelfde kleur. De armwijdte kan afgesteld worden met drukknopen. Twee…

    € 179,00 € 109,00
  • LangerChen || CLASSIC coat: denim
    LangerChen || CLASSIC coat: denim

    Our Classical Coat is the perfect piece for every day or to wear with a cool business suit. A simple and straight lapel coat with 4 ivory nut buttons for fastening in the front. The fitted shoulders look classic, but the refined…

    € 298,00
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