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Elvine MEN

Our Mission
-We believe that the fashion industry’s most important contribution to a sustainable future is to produce garments that do not need to be replaced every season. That is why we design our clothes to be future proof: Timeless styling and high quality so they last a long time – which means you will want to keep them longer. Our customers wear the same Elvine jacket year after year – we love that!-

The Brand
Sustainability is all about respect. Respect for how our company affects people, the environment and society. And as a self-respecting company, we continuously strive to lessen our negative impact on the planet.
We are a small organisation and cannot change everything on our own. We don’t have all the knowledge, so we chose to consult external environmental and corporate social responsibility experts. Through careful reviews of our processes, we have prioritised the areas where our own actions can make the most difference.
Some changes have already been implemented in full whilst others require a longer process. For us, the important thing is to continually improve and to be transparent in our efforts.

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