Rhumaa shares art stories through fashion design. 

We collaborate with talented artists from developing countries such as South Africa in order to share their art stories through our collections.  We donate 5% of our turnover to the Rhumaa Foundation. With the Rhumaa Foundation we support skills development programs in South Africa.

Our brand offers our customers stylish and relaxed tailoring for anytime wear. Every item represents detailed refinement and luxe silhouettes. Our customers lead busy lives, so we aim to deliver ‘on-the-go’ sophistication in our designs that offer long wear and prolonged quality.

Around 20% of our collections detail printed art stories, with the remainder non-printed items being translated through the use of design, colour, high quality and natural fabrics.

Our dream is to bring art, stories and culture closer together through fashion and to give young artists a platform to showcase their talent.

We are passionate about making a difference and in partnering with others who feel the same. We work hard to deliver responsible business practices and partner with like-minded suppliers. Relationships are of utmost importance to us.

Perhaps our biggest love is for our South African upliftment program with 5% of our turnover going into the Rhumaa Foundation. Here, we support projects and skills development programs in the townships of Cape Town that help young people learn a new talent that ultimately leads to a job opportunity for them.

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